We are a modern animation and mixed media production company based in Prague, Czech Republic with offices in Bratisalva, Slovakia and Tokyo, Japan.
A dynamic enterprise, we are always in tune with the changing times. Our experience in the advertising business spans more than a decade.

Our strength lies in the wide range of diverse artists we have on board, each with his or her own unique style and vision.

Twelve years ago, we realised that there was no production company working with talented animation directors or character designers in Czech Republic, a country well known for its strong tradition in animation. This inspired us to start Eallin. Since then, Eallin has evolved and expanded to include a huge 2D and CGI department, along with an in-house postproduction studio.

Eallin's work would not be possible without its people – who are creative, innovative and passionate. All our animators, designers and directors are handpicked. They work together to develop a special artistic approach for each project. We are also credited with bringing many talented people into the advertising business.

The word Eallin which means life comes from the Sami languages, a group of languages spoken in parts of Northern Europe. The word animation comes from the Latin word animātiō, which means ‘the act of bringing to life’.

We believe that animation is a very specialised genre as it includes the use of strong visual stylization and storytelling in an abbreviated and exaggerated way. Over the years, we have developed the rare ability to connect art with products and brands. Up to now we have created more than 200 characters for our clients.

The evolution of the web has made the world a small place. This helps us to ensure that there are no distances and barriers between our clients and us. After doing numerous projects abroad, we have learnt how to make our clients comfortable as we deliver to their expectations.

While working on commercials, we still do art projects. We have made seven short films and completed our first television series. We have also participated in various art exhibitions and several theatre performances. We are currently working on the development of our first feature film.